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I wish I could say that I started Sesame Kingdom because I found an old secret family recipe in my attic and decided to make it. But that is not how it all started.

I was born and raised in Israel, in the beautiful coastline city of Haifa. Growing up was an ongoing feast of culture and food. Israel was a destination to immigrants from all over the world, who brought with them a whole range of cooking styles and delicious authentic dishes. Food was more than just fuel for us. It created a bond between family members and friends, while sharing an abundance of mouthwatering flavors. We gathered daily around the kitchen table and shared something special about our day. It was a bonding and healing experience.

My Mom, who had to feed four alway hungry kids loved experimenting with cooking and baking. She used to drag us to the local farmer markets every week to help her select and carry home fresh produce. I can still smell the freshly ground za’atar and sumac, bright mint leaves and red-cheek tomatoes that were picked just a few hours earlier. It was those ingredients that sparked my love for cooking. They had a story to tell; It was the story of the land and the people who grew them.

I started my adult career as a shoemaker and after mastering that craft pursued a career in fashion and other creative fields. Sesame Kingdom came to me only later in life while visiting Israel, searching for my cultural roots. I was looking for ingredients that represented my ancestors’ heritage and found that sesame was the jewel of the crown. It's exceptional nutritious value and wide range usage dated back 4000 years to Babylon and Assyria, where it was used as nutritious food, medicine and currency. Back home in my kitchen, I started experimenting with flavor combinations of sesame seeds, Mediterranean energizing fruits, herbs and spices. The result was a delicious collection of flavored tahini and sesame spreads that could be smeared on breads, used as dips or drizzled on just about anything. Each flavor contained just a handful of ingredients that were free of preservatives, GMO, gluten and dairy. I hope that you will enjoy our products as much as we do and share them with your family and loved ones. To us, Sesame Kingdom is more than just a business. It is a part of our commitment to share a cultural experience that is joyful, delicious and above all nutritious. Thank you for being a part of that!

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