Gadi Friedman

Food has always been an exciting part of my life ever since I remember myself. I was born and raised in Israel, a country that was a destination to Immigrants from all over the world who brought with them a whole range of cooking styles and authentic dishes. 

Food was more than just fuel for us. It created a bond between friends and family members, while sharing an abundance of delicious flavors. Someone would say let’s “open a table” and before you knew it, a flow of small dishes started making their way from the kitchen to the dining table. No matter how busy we were, we always found the time to appreciate each other and life. And food was the connective tissue that brought us together". 

My inspiration for founding Piquanty was to celebrate the joy of giving and sharing. Our mission is to  curate the finest gourmet gift boxes featuring products made by artisans who pour their heart and soul into their craft. 

Our gourmet gift products are packed in elegant corrugated white boxes along with hand-written cards with your personal greeting. View our gift boxes >>