Sesame Seeds Heath Benefits

About Sesame

Sesame seeds are the oldest oilseed crop known to humanity. They date back 4000 years to Babylon and Assyria, where they were used as currency, medicinal remedy and nourishing protein-rich ingredient. Sesame seeds are exceptionally nutritious, help lowering cholesterol and contribute to skin elasticity.

Sesame Seeds Health Benefits 

Anti Inflammatory

Sesame seeds are an excellent source of copper, which is an important mineral in a number of anti inflammatory and antioxidant enzyme systems.

Lower Cholesterol

Sesame seeds are rich in phytosterols, which are known to reduce blood levels of cholesterol and enhance our immune response to diseases. 

Rich in Protein

Sesame seeds are rich in high quality protein. Protein makes up 20% of the seed with 4.7 grams of protein per ounce.

Cancer prevention

Sesame seeds contain anti-cancer compounds including phytic acid, magnesium, and phytosterols. 

Bone Health

A handful of sesame seeds contain more calcium than a glass of milk. The high levels of essential minerals like zinc, calcium, and phosphorous in sesame help boost bone mineral density.

Improve Digestion

Sesame seeds are rich in fiber, which is known to pave way for a healthy digestive system and a healthy colon

Healthy Skin

Sesame seeds are full of zinc, an essential mineral for producing collagen and giving skin more elasticity.

Lessen Anxiety

Sesame seeds contain the calming vitamins Thiamin and Tryptophan that help produce serotonin, which reduces pain, assists moods, and helps sleep deeply. 


The health benefits of sesame seeds were one of our inspirations to launch Sesame Kingdom. Sesame seeds are the base ingredient to all our delicious spreads.

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