January 20, 2017

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Mountain Munchies: Hit he Slopes with Sesame Kingdom

At Sesame Kingdom, we love the mountains. We love skiing and snowboarding, snowshoeing and every other activity that the great winter outdoors offers. Something we don’t love? The food options. By a show of virtual hands, who can relate to this lunchtime mountain scenario?

You just finished an epic morning of skiing your favorite slope. You’re starving and excited to get back to the base and eat so you have the energy to continue this afternoon. You reach a crowded food court and everywhere you look, pizzas, burgers, chicken wings surround you. Isn’t it funny that for an activity that demands such physical exertion, how little healthy options there are for you to consume?

Listen, we get that it’s easy to eat unhealthy in a scenario like this. You’re starving, you’re tired and let’s be honest, cheeseburgers are delicious. But take a step back and think momentarily about food that is going to sustain you for the rest of your day. Food that is going to help you stay clear of mind, so that when you go back up, you have the energy to make it safely down.

Let’s rewind to the start of your day. Before you started skiing, before you even left your house. Did you have breakfast? If so, what did you have? Starting your day on a nutritious note is just as important as what you consume the rest of it. Before you get to the part of your day where you are weak for fast food, why not start your day with something sustainable?

Sesame Kingdom Mediterranean gluten, dairy and nut free spreads are a delicious addition to your mountain meals before you hit the slopes and a great healthy snack once you’re done. Wonderful on sandwiches and fruit, or even straight from the jar, it’s just the natural energy boost and appetite suppressant you need to begin a day of your favorite winter sport.

So that once you get down the mountain, you can make clear-headed, healthy choices about what you need to sustain yourself the rest of the day. Perhaps, you’ll even want some more for lunch!

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