The Hot New Health Ingredient that's Missing from your Mealtime: Why you should be eating more Carob this year


Chocoholics, this one's for you.

But first, a small exercise. Close your eyes. Imagine a world where you can eat chocolate milkshakes and brownies without all the sugar, fat, caffeine and gluten. Now open your eyes. That world exists! We’re about to make your sweetest dreams come true with Carob, the health ingredient that’s been missing from your mealtime.

Native to the eastern Mediterranean, Carob was first grown on trees in Ancient Greece over 4000 years ago. Since that time, it’s been planted, grown, sold, bartered and carried across the globe from Africa to Australia and all the way back to here in the United States.

And why, you may ask yourself, do I care? Well, here’s the part where you chocolate lovers should pull up a chair and listen up because we are about to drop some pretty sweet truth bombs your way. Carob tastes similar to chocolate and is a sweet tasting alternative because it’s full of fiber and antioxidants, is low in sugar and fat and has no gluten or caffeine.

Yes, you read that correctly. You can still enjoy sweets without the guilt with your new BFF, Carob. In fact, with Carob as a substitute you can make and bake just about any sugary chocolate concoction without the fat, sugar, gluten and caffeine that is normally associated with doing so.

So it’s better for you than traditional chocolate but what can it do for your health beyond that? We’re glad you asked. Carob is known to help with everything from warding off flu and anemia (hello Vitamin E!) to improving digestion and lowering cholesterol. Along with many other benefits, you can use Carob powder and chips in the same way you would use chocolate in pretty much any recipe.

Not much of a baker? Got you covered. Why not try this delicious Carob Chocolate Spread from our friends over at Sesame Kingdom? Naturally sweetened by carob and dates with a smooth texture that will melt in your mouth, it’s the perfect breakfast combo with a banana or on a piece of toast.

If you have a sweet tooth of any kind, it can be hard to say no to a passing dessert opportunity. But before you reach for a nearby Snickers bar, consider the healthier Carob. Unlike other sweet cravings, it’s a meal time decision you won’t regret it.

Tried Carob, love Carob, know some recipes you want to share? Do so below and let us know what you think !

Alan Perez
Alan Perez