Snacking Super Hero: Sesame Kingdom is Here to Rescue Your Healthy Resolutions

It’s 3 PM on a Thursday afternoon and you have a serious case of the “I Need Some Snacks.”

It was only a mere 3 weeks ago, you made a promise to yourself that this year, you were really going to start eating healthier. And that means cutting out your 3PM on a Thursday as many chips as physically possible diet. You settle in for a sad desk snack of raw vegetables with a side of air and internally cry. This is so hard! Being healthy is terrible! All the color and joy of life is gone.

Ok, calm down. Life doesn’t have to be all carrot sticks and celery stalks, friends! It’s important to note that a key part of a healthy diet, is enjoying what you eat! So next time you reach for a snack, Sesame Kingdom is here to save your lackluster, bland, boring, dieting day.

Our appetizing gluten, dairy and nut-free spreads are a nutritious addition to raw vegetables and fruits, as well as smoothies and yogurt. So no matter if your diet goals are to be gluten-free, paleo or even more diabetic-friendly, we’ve got you covered.

Ok. So we’ve got your attention. Now, what exactly are some of the benefits of Sesame Kingdom beyond just being a great addition to your existing snacks? Let’s take a look at a few of our ingredients. High cholesterol? Sesame seeds are known to help lower cholesterol and improve blood pressure. Fighting cold and flu that’s going around the office? Cardamom is frequently used to ward off and help prevent these symptoms. Trying to find a replacement for that afternoon sweet tooth? Both dates and carob are natural substitutes for highly-processed sweets like chocolate and granola bars. Or perhaps you are simply trying to stop the endless flow of your hand to the chip bag? Regardless of which of our products you prefer, all are appetite suppressants for those whose indulgences never seem to stop.

So snack easy this January, friends. Sesame Kingdom is here to help with your resolutions to have a healthier 2017. Want to get some of our spreads for your home or office?

Here you go!

Sesame Kingdom
Sesame Kingdom