Lunchbox Literature: Taking Kids Mealtime from Zero to Hero with Sesame Kingdom

Ahh, Monday morning. The birds are chirping. The sun is shining. The kids are sleep---THE KIDS ARE SLEEPING!?!? You have to get up! You must wake up! School in an hour! Breakfast. What do to do about breakfast? It would be so easy to just throw a couple poptarts in the toaster right now…

Sound familiar? Even the most organized of parents have experienced the crazy rushed feeling week day mornings often fold into. Instead of jumping into an old habit of popping questionably nutritional quick fix processed food in the toaster or microwave, why not try Sesame Kingdom on a busy morning instead?

Sesame Kingdom is the better meal alternative for you and your family. Why? Well. Take a seat and grab a pen friends because we’re about to school you on what makes our products just what your family needs to get through sports activities and school work.

We believe in starting good eating habits, early. The intangible benefits of teaching your children how to eat for their own health for life, is priceless. High-sugar, high-fat and highly-processed foods, simply, will not set your child up for nutritional success. And here, at Sesame Kingdom, that is our number one goal.

For that reason, we make all our spreads with organic gluten-free and nut-free ingredients that are high in protein and naturally energizing such as sesame, dates, carob and figs.

From oatmeal to pancakes, to yogurt and smoothies, our delicious spreads are a yummy alternative to the highly processed breakfast options you find on the grocery shelves. And why stop there? Pack Sesame Kingdom in your child’s lunch! Skip the sugar-filled peanut butter and jelly for your child’s lunch and instead spread our sugar-free carob chocolate spread with bananas on sandwiches.

With ingredients you can count on to be healthy and delicious, you can spend more time enjoying your weekday mornings and most importantly, more time enjoying time with your children. 

Start your child’s day with Sesame Kingdom here

Sesame Kingdom
Sesame Kingdom